How to Stream MKV HD Video to iPhone iPad?

Having stored many MKV HD videos on PC or Mac, want to watch MKV video on iPhone iPad? In most cases, people will use converting software to convert MKV to iPhone iPad. But the long time waiting for the conversion, the unsatisfied output video and the high CPU occupying disappointed us at every turn.

Say NO to such displeasure, now iPhone iPad fans can stream MKV HD video on the fly with Air Playit which is a video streaming App for streaming MKV to iPhone, iPad running low CPU.

Why Use Air Playit to Stream MKV HD Video to iPhone iPad?

1. Stream 320 different video audio formats to mobile devices, including MKV to iPhone, iPad.
2. Stream MKV video over local WiFi, remote WiFi, 3G/4G network.
3. Convert video on the fly. Watch MKV videos immediately without lengthy converting beforehand.

How to Stream MKV HD Video to iPhone iPad?

Download the Air Playit server and install the App on your iPhone iPad. Air Playit is capable of streaming MKV HD video on PC or Mac OS X.

Step one: Run the Air Playit server. Make sure the server is in Start condition. You can add your MKV HD video by clicking "Add Folder" so that you can stream the video to your iPhone iPad via Air Playit server.

Air Playit

Step Two: Open the Air Playit App that has been installed on your iPhone iPad. Connect with WiFi, 3G or 4G, it can automatically search your server by Bonjour Service. If the App can't find the server, you can add the server IP address manually. (Get the IP on the main interface Air Playit server.)

Air Playit

Step Three: Browse the folders under your server, Click "Play" to watch the MKV video. Air Playit also enables users to adjust the audio, video parameters by clicking the "Playback Setting".

Air Playit

Important Tip: If you want to download the MKV video to iPhone instead of make a streaming, you can first make the "Offline Conversion" task - by clicking the Offline Convertsion, you can manage the MKV video conversion tasks on iPhone iPad and download the MKV video to your devices via WiFi and 3G/4G so that you can watch the video later when you have no network connection.

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