Stream Audio, Music to iPhone, iPad with Air Playit

Best Free Music Streaming Software for Android

Post on April 10, 2016

Android phones require users to copy the music from the computer to the phone before users can play. Why not choose streaming music to android phone wirelessly? Install the best free music streaming software for Android phone called Air Playit and you will play your songs more freely.

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Streaming Music Audio to iPhone iPad from Mac, No Syncing Required

Post on July 27, 2015

What could we do if we have a large collection of music on Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion and don't want to load our iPhone iPad up with all the music? Is it possible to remote access our latest updated music library wirelessly when we're at the airport and the iTunes's not available? Air Playit will give you answers.

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Streaming MP3 Music to iPhone iPad – Instant Access Music Library

Post on July 14, 2014

To put MP3 music from our PC/Mac and latest music from our iTunes Playlist to iPhone iPad, we usually need to sync music to these devices with iTunes. However, the sync process is extremely inconvenient. How wonderful it would be if we could access the Music library stored on our computer and iTunes Playlist without sync.

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