Tutorials about how to streaming video to iPhone, iPad with Air Playit

How to Streaming Videos to iPhone iPad

Post on July 18, 2013

Just imagine, all of your videos are stored on your Mac or PC at home, and you access them via an app on your iPhone iPad. And instantly the capacity of your iPhone iPad becomes infinite. How to realize it? Here is your answer...

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How to Play MKV on iPhone iPad without Using Video Converter Software

Post on June 16, 2013

What's the IN way to play MKV videos on iPhone iPad? The definitely answer is: streaming MKV videos to iPhone iPad from your Mac or PC hard drive and playing MKV videos iPhone iPad wirelessly without waiting.

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How to Watch M2TS TS on iPhone iPad without Conversion & iTunes?

Post on March 15, 2013

As we known, M2TS and TS files are commonly from Blu-ray Disc, JVC, Canon, Panasonic, Sony Camcorders, etc. But they can not be directly played on iPhone iPad. To watch M2TS, TS videos on iPhone iPad, usually, we need to convert M2TS, TS video to iPhone iPad compatible video formats and then sync converted videos to iPhone or iPad with iTunes.

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How to Stream MKV HD Video to iPhone iPad

Post on December 13, 2013

Say NO to MKV video conversion displeasure, now iPhone iPad fans can stream MKV HD video on the fly with Air Playit which is a video streaming App for streaming MKV to iPhone, iPad running no CPU.

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Air Playit Allows Streaming Video to the New iPad 3

Post on March 15, 2012

A free iPad 3 video streaming software called Air Playit allows streaming video to the new iPad 3 over WiFi and 3G/4G network, supporting 320 different video & audio codecs (including DRM-protected video) which make it powerful enough to play almost all videos regardless of the formats. Videos even in incompatible formats such as MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, AVI, WMV can be played on the new iPad 3 smoothly and instantly.

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Streaming Audio Video to iPhone 4S, No Sync, No Waiting

Post on February 23, 2012

Playing audio/video files in various formats on iPhone 4S may be obstructed by incompatibility, storage and Sync problems. But there is a solution called audio video streaming, and a corresponding trouble shooter called Air Playit.

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Free Download the New iPad 3 Audio Video Cloud - Air Playit

Post on January 10, 2012

After Apple finally unveiled the new iPad 3 release date, a free iPad 3 audio video cloud hit the market by streaming home audio video files to the new iPad 3. This article will tell you how to free download the personal audio video cloud for the new iPad 3.

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