2 Million Downloads, Air Playit Ranks Top 1 Free iPhone iPad Audio Video Streamer

Today, Digiarty Software proudly announced that Air Playit had reached 2 million downloads. Air Playit, good at streaming any video and music to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via WiFi, 3G or 4G, has become the No.1 free iDevice audio video streamer app in the world so far.

Today, Digiarty Software proudly announced the good news that Air Playit had reached 2 million downloads over the past 6 months. Besides, this software good at streaming any video and music to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via WiFi, 3G or 4G was further confirmed to be permanently free. So far, Air Playit is the No.1 free iPhone/iPad video audio streamer in the world.

Download Air Playit 2.0 composed of both Server and Client free at:


Official survey data presents that almost 2 million people have downloaded Air Playit. This is actually the result of frequent technical improvements made by the developer, who aims to create a best video audio enjoying atmosphere for all users. Since the release, the following major upgrade items have been subjected to the best free audio video streaming application step by step:

- Streaming DRM video to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch wirelessly was allowed.

- Multi-tasking Music Background Playback was supported.

- Music file could be downloaded directly without the need of playing.

- Hardware encoding with CUDA to the server was enabled.

- Compatibility with Google Android was realized.

Moreover, Air Playit News was added for convenient User Guide viewing; H.264 encoding speed and quality was improved; 1080P HD videos can be played more smoothly and the background music playing was made more stable. So it has ranked the top 1 free audio video streaming software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch up to now.

Air Playit is also defined as a personal audio video cloud, making audio video files in 320+ different formats instantly playable on iPhone and iPad. By virtue of local or remote WiFi, 3G and 4G, this freeware even makes incompatible M2TS, AVCHD, MKV, AVI, WMV videos or DRM protected videos wirelessly streamed to iOS Devices without the use of iTunes or other video converter software.

Digiarty is generally conceded to be customer-oriented enterprise. In response to this, Jack Han, CEO of airplayit.com said, “We hope the permanent free use and service of Air Playit will catch more attention of iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android users. Our ultimate goal is to completely change the traditional conception and way of video and music enjoyment!”

Pricing and Availability:

Air Playit server and client are free available now and forever. Air Playit Client V2.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPad Apps can be obtained free from Apple's App Store.

Both the Mac and Windows versions of latest Air Playit Server can be downloaded free at the official website: http://www.airplayit.com/

About Digiarty Software, Inc

Digiarty Software, Inc. is a professional digital media developer specialized in a range of video streaming applications, DVD & video related solutions and iPhone game development. More information about Air Playit can be found at http://www.airplayit.com or contact us at: contact@airplayit.com


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